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Recently I got bored of “FaceBook” and deleted my account. for a number of reasons I did this:

  • It tries to take over the internet and keep people in its own little bubble
  • Its Full of idiots & creepy people
  • Its just plain dull most of the time
  • It constantly barraged me with information I have no interest in
  • I got bombarded with status updates from people I’ve never heard of due to that pesky “like” button
  • Its like talking to a brick wall with rules and regulations

These reasons all made me decide that my “FaceBook” account was pointless so I deleted it. I do on the other hand still use the social network “Instagram”. I love taking pictures and I think it does what it sais on the tin down to a tee. It does that 1 single thing very well and is perfect for sharing your photos with friends. 

“FaceBook” fails because it tries to do too much and does most of it really badly and is always getting into trouble. All it ever seems to do is go around buying up all our favourite social networks and assimilating them into its crap. A little like the well known “Borg”?

Now “FaceBook” has assimilated the wonderful service “Instagram”, who knows whats going to happen, are we going to see it disappear and end up being another sub-service of “FaceBook”? or will we simply see the “Instagram” service unable to be used without connecting a “FaceBook” account?

I don’t like this shit and I want to continue to have the ability to use services that focus on doing 1 thing really well instead of lots of things really pants.

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