Open Elec – The Install and Go Media Center Software

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I’ve been using XBMC (Xbox Media Center) for a long time now. I started off using it on windows which weirdly required a lot of power to function well due to the hindrance of the Windows operating system. Eventually I moved to using XBMC on Linux installed on a small dedicated mini-ITX based HTPC. This   

Its Time For a New File Server Setup

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For as long as I can remember now I have used windows as my primary operating system for running a file server. I currently run a file server on Windows 7 capable of storing 12TB of data. This has always been an ample amount of space for my needs and i only use about half   

The State Of Online Privacy And Social Media | Why You Should Be Careful With Your Personal Information

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First of all this post is not about any of the big social websites, its not about Facebook, Twitter, or Google. I want to talk about the state of small ‘social’ websites like forums, or small business shops, or simply websites that like to have you create accounts and profiles for some odd reason even   

My Custom HomeBrew Ambient Desk Lighting

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Last weekend I decided to take my LED project up to the next level and mount them to my desk in my office as a Ambient Lighting System. I wasn’t sure If it would look any good but I thought I would give it a try anyway. Ive a good number of patterns which i’ve   

PixelGrafters FanArt Search Engine

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Its here, the new version of the online PixelGrafters FanArt Search Engine! The functionality of the old FanPics website has been incorporated into the new site and the old FanPics Website is now gone. PixelGrafters now searches both Movies and TV Shows! When searching it will provide you with a blistering amount of artwork from   

My LED Arduino Project

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This is a video of my current Arduino project. It consists of a strand of 20 exceedingly bright LEDs which I have mounted to a piece of laminate flooring for testing using cut to length velcro tramlines. These LEDs are connected up to a Arduino UNO which listens for serial commands to initiate different patterns