Open Elec – The Install and Go Media Center Software

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I’ve been using XBMC (Xbox Media Center) for a long time now. I started off using it on windows which weirdly required a lot of power to function well due to the hindrance of the Windows operating system. Eventually I moved to using XBMC on Linux installed on a small dedicated mini-ITX based HTPC. This   

Old Dead Blog Posts Still Getting Traffic

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Today I was looking at my traffic for the blog and what articles people are reading most. Strangely there is still a significant amount of traffic hitting an old dead blog post I made in early 2011 and I removed in late 2011! The post was a quick tutorial with some PHP code I had   

My Custom HomeBrew Ambient Desk Lighting

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Last weekend I decided to take my LED project up to the next level and mount them to my desk in my office as a Ambient Lighting System. I wasn’t sure If it would look any good but I thought I would give it a try anyway. Ive a good number of patterns which i’ve   

My LED Arduino Project

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This is a video of my current Arduino project. It consists of a strand of 20 exceedingly bright LEDs which I have mounted to a piece of laminate flooring for testing using cut to length velcro tramlines. These LEDs are connected up to a Arduino UNO which listens for serial commands to initiate different patterns   

My First Arduino Protocol

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This is a quick video of my first Arduino circuit. I built myself a protocol in ‘C’ into the Arduino board to receive commands from my web server to Connect, Disconnect, Light sequences of LEDs, & sound a buzzer. All this is able to be controlled from anywhere in the world within a web page