My LED Arduino Project

Written By: Tristan Bettany

This is a video of my current Arduino project. It consists of a strand of 20 exceedingly bright LEDs which I have mounted to a piece of laminate flooring for testing using cut to length velcro tramlines. These LEDs are connected up to a Arduino UNO which listens for serial commands to initiate different patterns I have programmed into the Arduino.

The serial commands are sent to the Arduino using a C#.NET program that I quickly knocked up for the job. The end goal of this project is to end up with the LEDs mounted inside a long strip of acrylic I can mount on the wall, and including wireless connectivity should enable me to have a piece of software monitoring a computer for completion of such tasks like 'finished downloads' which will then send a notification to the LEDs to alert me of the case. I am currently working on the next stage of the project which is to include a music visualisation pattern, so right now I am awaiting delivery of a Spectrum Analyser. Ill update with videos here when I reach another decent milestone.

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